In the Secondary Examination, Instead of Life Science, the Question Paper Came in History, Anger at the Outage

Balurghat, West Bengal: The incident happened on the day of the secondary life science exam. The incident took place at Bhayoor Jalalil High School in Tapan Block of South Dinajpur District. Because, on the day of the life science exam, the history question reached the school. As a result of this incident, the district school inspector’s office and the local police station were immediately informed. But, as long as the history question came to the life science question, it was 12:10 PM on the clock.

Madhyamik Exam

The start time of the exam was 12:00 PM, but due to the delay, the candidates and parents were worried. However, 15 more minutes were given to the examinees to clear this outage. This year there were 240 candidates in the school. According to the rules of the secondary examination, the question papers are opened to the school shortly before the examination, but the teachers’ eyes are wide-eyed when they see the question paper.

Because, on that day, the question of life science was supposed to come, but the question of history came. So then quickly, the local police station and district school inspector’s office were contacted, and then the life science question paper came very soon. When the Life Science question paper reached the school, the exam started 10 minutes late instead of the scheduled 12:00 PM. For that, instead of 3:00 PM, the examination facility is given to the candidates till 3:25 minutes.

A teacher from that school said that “the question paper outage did not mean that the time was wasted, the examinees were given more time than that, As a result, the examinees did not face any problem”. District School (Secondary) Inspector Mrinmoy Ghosh said that “the question paper is not a matter of disruption, the question paper arrived late in that school due to miscommunication, for which the examinees were given more time.”

A parent of the examinees said that “We were scared as the examination started late. Later we came to know that history questions came in the school instead of life science. But, as the examinees were given extra time, there was no problem in the examination”.

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