This is The Idea How to Prepare for WBCS Examination

The WBCS (West Bengal Civil Services) is a competitive examination conducted by the West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) for recruitment to various civil services posts in the state of West Bengal. The examination is conducted in three stages: Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Interview.

Only those who qualify for the Preliminary Examination are allowed to appear for the Mains Examination. The final selection is made on the basis of the marks obtained in the Mains Examination and Interview cum Personality Test. To qualify for the Preliminary Examination, it is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree from a Recognized University.

However, a candidate who does not possess a Bachelor’s Degree may also appear in the Preliminary Examination if he/ she has passed an examination equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree from a Recognized University. it is a competitive examination, it is important to be well-prepared.

Prepare for WBCS Examination
Prepare for WBCS Examination

A good strategy would be to first focus on topics that are covered in the preliminary examination and then move on to topics that are covered in the main examination. It is also important to practice as many questions as possible so that one can develop an understanding of the pattern and difficulty level of questions asked in this examination.

WBCS Examination Preparation

Below here, we have highlighted some important full points which will be very important for your WBCS exam preparation.

1. Must Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

When you go to study for the WBCS exam, you must know and understand the Syllabus, Exam pattern of the WBCS exam.

WBCS Preliminary Syllabus

  • English: Synonyms and Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Vocabulary Test, Phrasal Verbs, Homophones, Fill in the qualifying words.
  • Current Events: Significant events affecting India and its relations with the world.
  • History of India: Ancient, Medieval, Modern.
  • Geography: Physical Geography, Social Geography, Economic Geography.
  • Indian National Movement: Nature and character of Nineteenth-Century Resurgence, Growth of Nationalism, Attainment of Independence.
  • Indian Polity and Economy: Indian Constitution, Panchayati Raj, Constitutional Bodies.
  • General Mental Ability: Logical Reasoning, Common Aptitude.
  • General Science: General appreciation, Understanding of science, Matters of everyday observation, etc.

WBCS Mains Syllabus

  • Bengali/ Hindi/ Urdu/ Nepali/ Santali (1st Language): Letter Writing, Precis Writing, Drafting of Report, Translation, and Composition.
  • English (2nd Language): Letter Writing, Precis Writing, Drafting of Reports, Translation, and Composition.
  • General Studies 1: Indian History, Geography of India.
  • General Studies 2: Science, General Knowledge, Current affairs.
  • The Constitution of India and the Indian Economy including the role and functions of the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning.
  • Optional Paper 1.
  • Optional Paper 2.

Exam Pattern

Preliminary Examination: 200 questions to be answered in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

English Composition25
General Science25
Current Events of National and International Importance25
History of India25
Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal25
Indian Polity and Economy25
Indian National Movement25
General Mental Ability25

Mains Examination:

Name of the PaperSubject
Paper 1Bengali/ Hindi/ Urdu/ Nepali/ Santali
Paper 2English
Paper 3General Studies 1
Paper 4General Studies 2
Paper 5The Constitution of India and the Indian Economy
Paper 6Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning
Paper 7Optional Paper 1
Paper 8Optional Paper 2

2. Make a Study Plan

Aspirants for the WBCS exam should have a well-defined study plan to cover all the relevant topics. Break down each topic into smaller chunks and create a study plan that focuses on specific areas of weakness. The first step is to identify the syllabus and then make a list of topics that need to be covered. The next step is to create a timetable indicating the date by which each topic needs to be completed. Finally, aspirants should set some milestones and track their progress regularly.

3. Solve Previous Year’s Questions

The question paper for the previous year’s exam can be a great help for candidates who are preparing for the current year’s exam. It can help them understand the pattern and difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam, and also help them prepare better for it. It also helps you to get an idea about the types of questions asked in the exam. Solving a previous year’s question paper can help candidates to improve their time management skills and score better in the exam.

4. Preparing Self Notes

Preparation is the key to success. This proverb is very much applicable in the case of the WBCS exam. If you want to clear this prestigious examination, you need to start preparing for it well in advance. One of the best ways to prepare is to create self-notes. These are your own personal notes that will help you focus on the key topics and areas that you need to study. The first step is to identify the topics that will be covered in the exam. Once you have identified these, you can then begin to create your self-notes.

5. Revision Study Material

The revision for WBCS Exam is very important as it helps the candidates to score better in the examination. Revision is key to remembering. The revision helps to identify the areas where the candidate needs improvement and work on it. It also helps in refreshing the concepts and preparing well for the examination. The revision should be systematic and planned so that it covers all the topics of the syllabus. The candidate should also make use of practice papers and mock tests to get familiar with the examination pattern.

6. Take a Break at Study Time

A break for WBCS is much-needed and well-deserved both mentally and physically. A break can help restock energy levels and allow test takers to take a step back from the material. Additionally, it can provide an opportunity to relax and recharge before returning to the test preparation process. You can exercise during those breaks which will help you focus more on your studies.

Final Word:

To crack WBCS or any exam there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. When you put more effort into your studies you will succeed in your exam. So, hard work is the key to success in every exam. Good luck with your WBCS (West Bengal Civil Service) Exam.

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